Investor Relations


GPB Capital aims to acquire businesses which generate steady cash flows and that we believe will shape the future of their dynamic industries. Read our resources below to gain insights into the industries GPB Capital operates within.


Automotive Retail Strategy

The automotive retail industry is the largest retail business in the U.S. by revenue, with over $1 trillion transacted annually.¹ Read about how the automotive retail industry meets GPB Capital’s strategic acquisition criteria.


Waste Management Strategy

The waste management industry is comprised of companies engaged in the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste materials. Waste management companies provide a wide array of services to both public and private entities.


Healthcare & Physical Therapy Strategy

The domestic physical therapy industry is a $34 billion market which is expected to grow 1.5% per year,³ driven by a set of underlying diagnoses and is comprised of comprised of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation delivery models. Read about GPB Capital’s perspective on the physical therapy industry.


U.S. Middle-Market Debt Strategy

The U.S. middle-market, defined as companies that generate between $10 million and $1 billion in annual revenue, is comprised of nearly 200,000 businesses that in aggregate account for more than $6 trillion in annual revenue.²


Business Services Strategy

The business services industry consists of companies that provide business-to-business services, including segments such as human resource services. Read about the viability of the Business Services Industry and, more specifically, the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Segment.