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A combination of tight credit and stringent lending criteria has created a large, underserved segment of the debt market that does not have access to capital from traditional lending sources. This has resulted in a decline in lending to businesses and entrepreneurs in the lower middle-market.

Over the five-year period from 2017 to 2021, approximately $435 billion of U.S. lower middle-market debt will mature, with much of it needing to be refinanced.¹ The combination of this “wall of maturity,” new financing that will be required by lower middle-market businesses, and many traditional lenders pulling out of the space have and will continue to create an environment in which lenders to lower middle-market companies have tremendous opportunity. Unlike traditional high-yield debt and syndicated loans, which tend to be highly standardized with little room for negotiation, lower middle-market lenders can structure loans tailored to the needs of individual companies.¹ GPB Capital targets this underserved market by making secured loans to small and medium-sized businesses primarily located in North America.

Recent Press Releases

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Business Focus

GPB Capital will primarily focus on providing short to medium term loans, that typically have a 36-month duration, to companies with collateral in excess of the principal amount of the loan. Debt investments will generally range in size from $5 million to $50 million.

Ideal Target Company Characteristics

  • Publicly or Privately Held
  • Strong Asset Value
  • Proven Management Teams with a Verified Track Record
  • Verifiable Business Plan with Growth Prospects
  • Clear and Achievable Exit Strategy
  • Clear Downside Management Plan in Case of Default
  • Companies that are Seeking a Capital Partner to:
    • Increase commercial growth
    • Finance strategic acquisitions
    • Invest in R&D
    • Bring a new product to the market

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Current Debt Investments

Companies listed below have outstanding debt investments from GPB or affiliates, or GPB has a majority equity position as of December 31, 2018.
It should not be assumed any investments identified were, are or will be profitable.

Exited Debt Investments

Matured Debt Positions