GPB Capital Holdings Surpasses $1 Billion Threshold in Capital Raised

May 4, 2017

GPB Capital Holdings, LLC (“GPB”), a New York-based global asset management firm, today announced that it has surpassed the $1 billion mark in gross capital raised, following a record month raise of $60 million in February and a total raise of approximately $150 million year to date. GPB focuses primarily on investing in income-producing companies looking to reach the next stage in their growth.

“This milestone underscores our commitment to providing advisors with thoughtful, income-generating alternative solutions that meet the needs of today’s more sophisticated and risk-averse investors,” said David Gentile, founder and CEO of GPB Capital. “Historically capturing the performance and return characteristics of private company investments has been limited to institutional investors, but by accessing our strategy, the RIA and broker-dealer communities are now able to expose their high-net-worth clients to the same opportunities and help put them in a better position to meet their long term financial goals.”

GPB puts its investment thesis into practice by typically acquiring a majority stake in companies that are looking to reach the next level. Portfolio companies benefit from an infusion of financial capital as well as the intellectual capital of the GPB team to assist with strategic planning and best practices.

“The surge in growth over the past year has been phenomenal, and personally humbling,” stated Ascendant Capital founder Jeffry Schneider. “I’m particularly grateful for the dedication and hard work that our team put in to make this happen. Without their unwavering commitment to creating quality offerings and providing unparalleled service to our clients we would have been unable to reach this milestone.”

Based in Austin, TX, Ascendant Capital works exclusively with GPB on structuring and distributing fund vehicles, raising all capital and servicing investors.

About GPB Capital Holdings, LLC

GPB Capital Holdings, LLC is a New York-based global asset management firm with a focus on income-producing private equity and real estate. GPB provides their portfolio company operators with the strategic planning, managerial insight and capital needed to enable strong businesses to achieve a new level of growth and profitability. GPB-sponsored entities have raised over $1 billion in gross capital to date and have invested in 70 portfolio companies. (GPB’s AUM figure is different from its gross capital raise).

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